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First off, male, female, alien, or other?
I’m an alien (male)

Favorite Artists:
Utada Hikaru, Do As Infinity, Otsuka Ai, Chemistry, Misia, Ken Hirai, ELT, Mika Nakashima, etc.

Hated Artists:
Yes I have but I’m not going to tell you here, or else girls will kill me.

Hair Length/Style/Color:
shorter than eyn…

I eat a lot, but never grow up… ;_;

Something you bought and regretted:
Nothing -.-

Something you regretted not buying:
Do As Infinity – Do the B-Side DVD box (anyone who buy this for me i will love you forever <3)

Orange likes pink, so green likes blue, and purple eats…
Who cares about purple?

If your best friend was a carrot…
eh…what’s up doc?

I would scream my head off if…
If a cockroach fly towards me.

We all know she will, but how will Ai bring about world peace?

Why is Ai-chin so cute?
Vocal is cute, scream out load without reason.

Why did you decide to write for the blog?
Because my English suks

Pronounce “eyn”:
Can I skip this?

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