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First off, male, female, alien, or other?
I’m sorry, but the FBI has forbidden me to disclose that information :P

Favorite Artists:
L’Arc~en~Ciel, HYDE, Nakashima Mika, Spitz, Hamasaki Ayumi, Bjork, eyn

Hated Artists:
Britney Spears, BoA, Sowelu, JoJo, Ashlee Simpson, Namie Amuro, Hilary Duff, Koda Kumi

Hair Length/Style/Color:
A little longer than shoulder length/layers/reddish-brown

lo mein

Something you bought and regretted:
ayu’s MY STORY album, that chocolate swirl pastry from Starbucks, supporting the Gap when I went shopping recently…

Something you regretted not buying:
the special limited mail order only version of DUNE I saw on eBay TT.TT and the HORIZON + poster package from yesasia T.T, the pocky I saw in the Chinese grocery store today

Orange likes pink, so green likes blue, and purple eats…
Hey…colors have no mouths!! or feelings!! wha…? Maybe purple likes to eat green because he liked blue and wants blue for himself, so he eats green so that he can have blue…

If your best friend was a carrot…
Why would my best friend be a carrot? He’s a potato…

I would scream my head off if…
An ugly and big bug was crawling on me…ewww *shivers*

We all know she will, but how will Ai bring about world peace?
She will go to Africa and fill all their tummy’s with love and SMILY. Then she will go on a peace sign tour in which she gives everyone in the world a peace sign. Since no one can resist that cute smile everyone is going to hug everyone and be happy! That’s the power of Ai~

Why is Ai-chin so cute?
Because she is the chosen one, the one that will lead us to a world of cuteness and smiles and bunnies. If she was ugly not many people would follow her would they? Sad but true…

Why did you decide to write for the blog?
Because eyn was begging…lol no, j/k It seemed like fun and why wouldn’t I not want to spread my love for JPop?

Pronounce “eyn”:
eh-y-en aka gee-eek

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