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First off, male, female, alien, or other?
Female yo.

Favorite Artists:
For Japanese artists… NEWS (and all its subgroups and solos), Otsuka Ai, Arashi, chatmonchy, alice nine., Utada Hikaru, and many more. I also listen to a lot of Chinese and English music.

Hated Artists:
I am an equal opportunity listener. …I will listen to good music even if the person singing it is annoying to me.

Hair Length/Style/Color:
Undyed Asian hair… never will dye it! Length and style change constantly though.


Something you bought and regretted:
A dragonfruit. It looked really good but tasted terribly bland.

Something you regretted not buying:
Yamashita Tomohisa’s “Daite Senorita” single. I want the DVD Limited Edition now but it’s too late.

Orange likes pink, so green likes blue, and purple eats…

If your best friend was a carrot…
Then we wouldn’t be best friends anymore after he/she/it sees me eating carrot sticks.

I would scream my head off if…
I ever get tickets to a NEWS or Ai-chin concert. It’s my dream to go.

We all know she will, but how will Ai bring about world peace?
People will be fighting – and Ai will pop up and sing “anata (to minna san) to atashi sakuanbo~” and everyone will start singing along and making the sakuranbo sign with their fingers and forget why they didn’t all love each other at first!

Why is Ai-chin so cute?
Life would implode otherwise.

Why did you decide to write for the blog?
Because no one writes about some of my beloved artists. Also, it’s just fun.

Pronounce “eyn”:
I always thought of it as “ehn”. (:

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