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Ayumi Hamasaki


by Rinoa on February 27, 2008 · 11 comments · AddThis

Photobook Image
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Product Code: AVCD-23503/4
Release Date: 2008.01.01
Highest Ranking: #1
First Press: Photobook
Genre: Pop/Rock
Label: avex trax
Format: CD or CD+DVD

A new year has finally arrived and J-Pop diva, Ayumi Hamasaki has walked in 2008 along with her ninth studio album. Following a similar trend to previous albums like “I Am…” and “(miss)understood“, “GUILTY” was released on the first day of 2008. However the album was available on sale in stores on Christmas day. The album was released in two packages, which comprised of a CD-only and a CD+DVD version. A special 32 page photobook was included with the first press edition. It is needless to say that “GUILTY” was highly anticipated amongst both Hamasaki and J-Pop fans alike.

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Together When…

by Rinoa on December 13, 2007 · 11 comments · AddThis

Together When... photoshoot
Promo Photo for Together When...
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Release Date: 2007.12.05
Genre: Pop ballad
Label: avex trax
Format: Digital Single

Almost ten years have passed since her debut and yet Ayumi Hamasaki retains a well sized fanbase throughout Japan and the rest of Asia. Throughout all these years, Hamasaki has managed to release at least a studio album and a few singles every year. However it is evident that her amount of releases have decreased drastically, most particularly her singles. In 2006, Hamasaki released only two singles and it seemed that 2007 was going to follow the same fate. The reason might be either the falling popularity of singles or Hamasaki’s desire to have more time relaxing.

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talkin’ 2 myself

by Rinoa on September 23, 2007 · 10 comments · AddThis

talkin' 2 myself photoshoot
Ayumi on SCawaii, October 2007 Issue
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Product Code: AVCD-31332/3
Release Date: 2007.09.19
Debut Ranking: #1
Genre: Pop-rock
Label: avex trax

Summer seems to be definitely over, especially since many artists have started departing from bubblegum pop and moving towards ballads and melancholic moods. This fall has been highlighted by several enticing releases and one of the singles which has garnered a lot of attention was Hamasaki’s post-breakup single “talkin’ 2 myself”. Taking charge like a true trendsetter, Hamasaki takes over fall with powerful rock music signaling another direction in her musical career.

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by Rinoa on July 26, 2007 · 10 comments · AddThis

glitter/fated photoshoot
Shooting for the cover artwork
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Product Code: AVCD-31274/5
Release Date: 2007.07.18
Debut Ranking: #1
Label: avex trax

While being one of the hottest artists at avex, Hamasaki seems to be permanently set for high budgets and extensive promotional campaigns. Each and every release of hers is highlighted with a lot of hype and expectation from her fans. Throughout the years, the quality of her singles have increased, aiming towards spectacular artwork and impressive promotional videos. Since Hamasaki’s single releases have become less frequent, many are rather excited when a single is announced. In any way, after almost a year after “BLUE BIRD”, Hamasaki would return with a new single called “glitter/fated“.

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Hamasaki and Nagase break up

by Rinoa on July 18, 2007 · 11 comments · AddThis

Ayumi and Nagase
Ayumi Hamasaki and Tomoya Nagase

J-Pop Queen Ayumi Hamasaki and TOKIO vocalist and actor, Tomoya Nagase have announced the end of their relationship on the 13th July, 2007. This abrupt news has shocked all of their fans worldwide, since there were reports and rumors mentioning how they were planning to get married by the end of the year.

The couple have been together for seven years and have constantly been subject to rumors published on tabloids, with regards to their relationship. Due to both being famous, the spotlight was always focused on what their next step would be.

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