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ERIKA Yahoo Interview – FREE

by sljinu on November 12, 2008 · 6 comments · AddThis

FREE Photoshoot

This article is translated from an interview done with ERIKA by Yahoo.
Translation by sljinu

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by Rinoa on July 11, 2007 · 12 comments · AddThis

Promo photo for ERIKA's FREE
Promotional photograph shot in France
Artist: Erika Sawajiri
Product Code: SRCL-6590/6588
Release Date: 2007.07.04
Highest Rank: #1
First Press: 12 page booklet and bonus DVD
Label: Sony Music

Erika Sawajiri has definitely become a prominent celebrity in Japan throughout these past couple of years. Her acting career has pushed her in the spotlight, especially due to the choice of parts she was set to star in. Consequently Erika became a household name, through “1 Litre of Tears” and “Taiyou no Uta”. Last year, during the airing of Taiyou no Uta, Erika would release a single as the fictional character, Kaoru Amane. To everybody’s surprise, this single would become the highest selling singles in the female category and sell almost 500,000 copies.

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Kaoru Amane’s Taiyou no Uta

by Rinoa on September 24, 2006 · 257 comments · AddThis

Taiyou no Uta single promo
Promotional photoshoot for Taiyou no Uta single
Artist: Kaoru Amane (Sawajiri Erika)
Product Code: SRCL-6407~9
Release date: 2006.08.30
Debut Ranking: #2
Peak Ranking: #1
First Press: Photobook, bonus DVD and bonus tracks
Label: Sony Music

Sawajiri Erika has been in the Japanese entertainment industry for quite a while. Since 1999, she’s been signed up with a talent promotions company, Stardust. This company is one of the largest and prominent agency in Japan. She was fairly popular and took part in various variety shows. However she only started attracting the widespread attention of the Japanese audience with her outstanding performance as Ikeuchi Aya in 1 Litre of Tears, in 2005. This dorama attracted many people internationally for its moving and heart-rendering plot.

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