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by Rinoa on November 8, 2007 · 21 comments · AddThis

Anyband Promo Poster
Artists: BoA, Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora
Release Date: 2007.11.08
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop

BoA happens to be a household name for K-Pop and J-Pop fans. Although I’ve always felt that BoA’s current Japanese career isn’t particularly outstanding, I’ve always known that she had a lot of potential, drive and talent. To make matters worse her Korean career has almost been on hold since her 2005 album “Girls on Top”. Luckily for us fans, the rumors of her being part of the new Samsung AnyCall’s advertisement campaign was true, which meant new music with a Korean flavor.

Apart from BoA, three other famous artists were chosen to be the spokespersons of Anycall. BoA was decided to star alongside with Xiah Junsu of DBSK, Tablo of Epik High and Jin Bora, a young piano wonder. Apparently they were chosen to replace Lee Hyori. As well as being the new faces of Anycall, the artists were chosen to collaborate together and perform together as a pop group called “Anyband”.

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CLAZZIQUAI Project – Vol. 2: Color Your Soul

by yukino on November 26, 2006 · 16 comments · AddThis

Color Your Soul cover Artist: CLAZZIQUAI Project
Title: Color Your Soul
Release Date: 2005.08.24
Product Code: AVCD-17820
Label: Fluxus Music

CLAZZIQUAI Project returned in October of 2005 with a groovy new album, Color Your Soul. Featuring fourteen new tunes and one bonus track, the disc had all the jazzy appeal of Instant Pig, made better by the wise arrangement of tracks – to produce a full, rich landscape of smooth sound. In Color Your Soul, CZQ took ‘diverse’ to a whole new level of meaning – from jazz with an R&B tilt to old-school dance pop, DJ Clazzi took fans everywhere on a journey through a fantasy world of rhythm and groove. Let’s check it out.

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by yukino on August 27, 2006 · 54 comments · AddThis


Ears suffering from the strain of all that loud, obnoxious pop you’ve been listening to? Give them a break with CLAZZIQUAI, a Korean/Canadian group whose repertoire spans many genres – jazz, trance, house, and chill-out lounge being only a few of them. (Fans of the Shibuya-Kei movement may be familiar with their style.)

Their smooth combination of vocals and musical arrangement can bring relaxation even on the most frustrating of days. CLAZZIQUAI Project (also known as Clazziquai/CLAZZIQUAI or simply CZQ) boasts a total of three official and one unofficial members, all with excellent English skills.

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