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Summer Shuffles: 2000

by Lainay on February 12, 2006 · 5 comments · AddThis

2000 Shuffles

The summer shuffles have been an H!P tradition since 2000. Every summer, there are 3 units consisting of different Hello! Project members. All of the members of the H!P would be in it. It’s a chance for members from different groups to be together. In 2000, 2001, and 2002, all 3 groups released different singles. In 2003, they put the singles for that years shuffles all on the same CD. 2004 was a little different- the whole H!P was in one huge mega unit, the H!P All Stars. They released one single, all together. In 2005, the H!P was too big so only select members got in the shuffles. Their singles, like in 2003, were released on one CD.

I will be making an article for each of the 6 (and counting) Hello! Project Summer Shuffles rounds. First, of course, comes the 2000 shuffles: Akagumi 4, Kiiro 5, and Aoiro 7. The theme is colors- Aka means red, kiiro is yellow, and ao is blue.

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