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flashback to “heavenly”

by Leanne on September 27, 2005 · 8 comments · AddThis

heavenly heavenly
Release Date: 1995.09.01
Peak Position: #3
Label: Ki/oon \ SONY Records
Product Code: KSC2-114
First Press: Picture Label Disc
Other Formats: Mini Disc (Product Code: KSY2-2037)
L’Arc~en~Ciel Official Web site

The album “heavenly” by L’Arc~en~Ciel is oft abandoned by new fans. It doesn’t maintain the importance that “Tierra” had as their debut, nor is it distinguished as being a million seller as with the band’s first #1 junior effort “True”. It’s the middle child of the sakura-era albums that’s lacking much needed attention and needs to be recognized. Prior to the release of this album, one single was produced: “Vivid Colors” (peak at #16), as well as a video single: “and She Said”. About a month after the album’s release the single “natsu no yuu-utsu [time to say good-bye]” (peak at #15) was released, which was a reworked ballad version of the seventh track. Let’s see how this much forgotten album fares.

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by Leanne on September 5, 2005 · 7 comments · AddThis

Release Date: 2005.08.31
Peak Position: #1
Label: SONY Associated Records
Product Code: AICL-1650
First Press: none
Other Formats: Vinyl (Product Code: AIJL-5266)
Nakashima Mika’s Official Site

Yazawa Ai’s masterpiece manga “NANA” has been gaining a lot of attention this year: first with its very own tribute album, a dedicated café, and now a movie starring Nakashima Mika herself as the rocker-chick Oosaki Nana. To play with the “realism” of the movie a single has been released entitled “GLAMOROUS SKY” under the psuedonym “NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA”. Staying true to the style of Yazawa’s character, the single contains four rock tracks, the title track being composed by the famous rocker HYDE himself.

From the cover you can tell that SONY is trying to remind buyers that this is not Mika, but Nana. Her back turned away from camera shows defiance, while the black cover and minimum lighting represents Nana’s rebellious punk attitude. Let’s see how Mika & Co. did portraying the most popular female in the manga world: Nana.

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YUI’s “Tomorrow’s way”

by spellcheck on September 5, 2005 · 21 comments · AddThis

Tomorrow's way cover 1. Tomorrow’s way
2. Last Train
3. feel my soul ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. Tomorrow’s way ~Instrumental~

Newcomer YUI debuted in February with the song “feel my soul” and made her comeback on June 22 with “Tomorrow’s way”. At the age of 18, she writes the words and music to all her songs. With her sweet and innocent voice, YUI sings about maturing in “Tomorrow’s way”. This single’s cover features a picture of YUI looking out a window with her chin resting on a guitar. With rays of sunlight shining in through the windows behind her, it surely reflects the longing to grow up that is conveyed in lyrics of the title track. Let’s look at “Tomorrow’s way”!

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by spellcheck on September 4, 2005 · 2 comments · AddThis

Kizuna cover 1. Kizuna
2. SOI SOOSU no Theme
3. Ho Ho Ho
4. Kizuna ~Acoustic Ver.~

ORANGE RANGE’s 12th single “Kizuna” came out on August 24, 2005. The single shot straight up to the number one position on the Oricon charts and sales have been pretty good so far. Many fans have compared this single to their previous hit ballad “Hana” which was released in October last year. On the cover a swing set is shown and the symbol of the band is drawn in the dirt. The picture is in black and white and gives it more of a nostalgic feel. The CD design and the back of the sleeve feature little doodles of stick men with parachutes being eaten by alligators and struck by lightning and a game of tic-tac-toe won by the O’s. No doubt about it, “Kizuna” is about friends and remembering the good times, so grab your warm and fuzzy childhood memories and let’s go!

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ZONE’s “O”

by spellcheck on September 3, 2005 · 6 comments · AddThis

O cover 1. Akashi
3. Sae Zuri
4. For Tomorrow
5. GO!
6. Yume no Kakera
7. + . – . × . ÷
8. Hitoshizuku
9. Confidentially
10. Ashiato

ZONE’s sophomore release “O” came out on November 27 of 2002. The jacket photos have a fall theme which is fitting for that time of year. The pictures are beautiful and this is actually one of the best jackets I’ve ever seen in an album. After gaining success with hits like “Hitoshizuku” and “Akashi”, when sitting down and planning this album an idea was to have each member of the band perform a solo song. But the question is this: will the members be able to sing a song on their own without the vocal support of the other members? Will each girl shine on her own or fall flat on her face, bringing with her any positive thoughts about the album itself? Let’s see!

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