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Koi Shiyou♪

by Rinoa on July 3, 2007 · 13 comments · AddThis

Promo photo for Koi Shiyou
Promo picture for the single 'Koi Shiyou♪'
Artist: Leah Dizon
Product Code: VICL-36290/VIZL-232
Release Date: 2007.05.30
Highest Rank: #6
First Press: CD+DVD
Label: Victor Entertainment

With her debut single, Leah Dizon was launched as a household name in Japan. She is a frequent guest in several variety shows and is featured on magazines. This encouraged her record label to provide Dizon a busy schedule. In fact, Leah Dizon didn’t take long to start polishing her vocal and dancing skills to release her second single. This single was described as a “a grooving, up tempo dance song” and became a moderate success to hit off spring 2007.

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Leah Dizon’s debut

by Rinoa on February 18, 2007 · 47 comments · AddThis

Promo Photo
Promo picture for the single 'Softly'
Artist: Leah Dizon
Product Code: VICL-36202/VIZL-216
Release Date: 2007.02.14
Highest Rank: #5
First Press: CD+DVD
Label: Victor Entertainment

It has been almost six months since the ex-gravure model Erika Sawajiri released her debut single, Taiyou no Uta. This single proved to be a huge hit, which led to the Japanese audience to take her more seriously despite of her bad reputation in the past. Her success led her to get tie-ins with the Meji, Kanebo and Sony Ericsson for their new cell phone product, SE W51S. Her success probably led to encourage another model, Leah Dizon to try her luck in the music industry too.

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by Celsius005 on September 23, 2006 · 4 comments · AddThis

Inagaki Goro, Katori Shingo, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
Bottom: Nakai Masahiro, Kimura Takuya
Title: Dear WOMAN
Artist: SMAP
Release date: 2006.04.19
Debut Ranking: #1
Product Code: VICL-36555
Label: Victor Entertainment

SMAP starts out the year 2006 boldly with the release of their 39th single, “Dear WOMAN”. They’ve come a long way since their debut in 1991 and once again present to us a lively single–one that definitely stands out from their previous hits. Both of the songs included in this single are upbeat, which is a step out of their previous “Triangle”, a more mellow and serene song. Though the CD cover appears quite bland, don’t let its dull simplicity drive you away. To make up for their inactivity in 2004, SMAP proceeded to release three new singles in 2005, each with its own message. Now in April 2006, they welcome bliss – their “Dear WOMAN” – to Japan.

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Kiseki no Hoshi

by tomba on August 29, 2006 · 4 comments · AddThis

Kiseki no Hoshi Cover Artist: Keisuke Kuwata & Mr.Children
Product Code: B00005N34L
Release Date: 1995.01.23
Debut Ranking: #1

Released in early 1995, “Kiseki no Hoshi” was a joint effort between the frontman of one of Japan’s most popular band, “Southern All Stars’” Keisuke Kuwata and Mr.Children. Written and composed by Kuwata, and arranged mainly by Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr.Children, this song was used as the theme for “Act Against AIDS”, a charity Kuwata has been participating in for more than a decade (and counting). Inside the single cover, and when the CD is removed, facts and a graph about AIDS is inscribed there. A peculiarity about this song is that it was never performed live until 2006’s “Ap Bank festival”, which Mr.Children was the main act for, and Kuwata was a guest in.

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Dirty Old Man ~Saraba Natsu Yo~

by tomba on August 25, 2006 · 7 comments · AddThis

Southern All Stars Artist: Southern All Stars
Product Code: RZCD-45435
Release Date: 2006.08.09
Debut Ranking: #1
First Press: Stickers
Label: Victor Entertainment

Southern All Stars’ 52nd single, “Dirty Old Man ~Saraba Natsu Yo~” is the groups first release since their album “Killer Street” in October of last year. Known for their fun comic-styled songs, “Dirty Old Man” is the 8th consecutive upbeat single released since 2000’s “HOTEL PACIFIC”.

The cover of the single features a naked man with a watermelon as a head and a hat covering his “privates”. The single, as suggested in the title, is the groups’ farewell to summer. Each song’s tempo becomes much slower than the one before it. The fun and party style “Dirty Old Man” drifts into the easy going “BREEZE”, while “Taiyou ni Hoe Ru!!” has Kuwata, the lead singer, begging for summer to come back.

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