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by Rinoa on October 8, 2005 · 24 comments · AddThis

Yuna Ito as Reira Release Title: ENDLESS STORY
Product Code: SRCL-5957
Label: Sony Records
Release date: 2005/09/07
Debut Ranking: #2

Yuna Ito is a relatively new face in the Japanese entertainment scene. She is actually a Hawaiian born artist. Up till the present day, she has only appeared in a couple of variety shows which were broadcasted on television and has been featured on a few magazines. However she has still managed to impress the Japanese audience in many aspects.

Up till her debut Yuna Ito was shrouded in mystery. This has gained Yuna a great deal of attention and fans. All that was known was that Yuna Ito was starring in the highly anticipated movie “NANA” as the lead vocalist of Trapnest, Reira.

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