Here’s a list of WordPress plugins written for the convenience of publishing reviews on this blog. All of them have only been tested on WordPress 2.0+, please inform the author of any errors if you are using older WordPress versions:


MyCSS is a WordPress plugin that allows you to attach your personal CSS stylesheet to your blog, regardless of the theme you might be using. This is useful for users who want extra control over the presentation of individual blog entries by using self-defined CSS classes without worrying about compatibility issues when switching theme from one to another.

Image Caption

Image Caption is a WordPress plugin that extracts the title attribute from images within your blog post and generates a neat caption directly underneath those images. If you’re comfortable working with CSS, you can change the appearance of the caption and image container easily by disabling the default CSS import and control the CSS styling using MyCSS.

Star Rating for Reviews

Star Rating for Reviews is a simple WordPress plugin that inserts pretty inline rating stars based on the score you assign using intuitive, inline [rating:] tags. It can also calculate and output overall ratings for you based on all previous scores you have assigned, useful for reviews that have multiple categories or an album review where each track is assigned a score.

FLV Embed

FLV Embed is a WordPress plugin made to simplify the process of adding FLV videos into your blog using Jeroen’s FLV Player (you need to purchase a license for commercial use). Video sitemap generation is supported. The FLV player is highly configurable via admin panel, such as player colour, full screen button etc. Code generated is XHTML compliant for those who cares about validation.

Quicktime Embed

QuickTime Embed is a WordPress plugin that inserts QuickTime movies for you in your blog posts using simple, intuitive inline [qt:] tags. Code generated is XHTML compliant for those who cares about validation. Vodcasting is supported. Links to download iPod version of your movie can be inserted below your embedded QuickTime movie, if desired.

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