eyn eyn
I’m the webmaster of Channel-Ai. I started this blog as an experimental project to spread the love of Japanese pop music and I think everything works out pretty well so far, thanks to my awesome teammates for the blog. I hope you can enjoy this site as much as we do. If you are interested in writing for our blog or have any general enquiries about this site, feel free to contact me via eyn (at) channel-ai.com.


Rinoa Rinoa
Hello to whoever is reading this! I’m an editor here at this blog and also a writer here. My English isn’t that brilliant, but I’ll do my best to help other members if they do need help with writing articles. So don’t be shy if you need any sort of help. I joined this blog simply because I love writing and I wanted to improve my skills and produce quality material.


Aprilis Aprilis
Hello hello! I’m Aprilis. I go by Aprilis. (with the dot) on the forum, but either way is fine. I’m a writer for the Channel-Ai blog team. I mainly write articles for visual things like concerts and dramas. When reading others’ articles, I love seeing colourful pictures! So I’ll try my best to fill each article with loads of pictures. Anyhoo, hope you guys enjoy my articles!


Erika Erika
Hey, I’m Erika. I’m a writer at Channel-Ai. I write about some of the groups at Johnny’s Entertainment and some of my favorite Japanese Doramas. I’m working on perfecting my writing but it’s getting there. Hope you enjoy reading my articles!


oroitsme oroitsme
Hi everyone, I’m Oro – oro, it’s me! (: I love many aspects of Japanese entertainment – dramas, good music (no matter what the genre!), and Johnny’s Entertainment groups – particularly NEWS. I’ll probably be writing about all of them at one time or the other, so stay tuned for that. I hope you’ll enjoy my articles, and maybe even use them as your portal into discovering new things.


sljinu sljinu
Hey guys! This is sljinu and I work as a translator and part-time writer on this blog. I’m half Chinese, half Japanese but I consider myself an Australian. I enjoy being a part of a project as great as Channel-Ai and hope you guys learn interesting, new things about your favourite artists through my articles! Remember guys, you won’t find any other J-pop blog as professional as ours.


1337rice 1337rice
Wassup? I’m 1337rice, one of the moderators on the Channel-Ai forum as well as some other forums. That’s my job online, but offline, I work as a photographer and I would enjoy pursuing that as a professional career later in the future (Maybe I can see Ai-chan FASTER that way). Other than that, I revolve around Japanese music and other media so I know some stuff inside-out.


On Hiatus:

spellcheck spellcheck
Hey you guys, my name is spellcheck! I’m an editor here at the blog. Aside from editing, I write articles every now and then. If you’d like to write an article but are a little unsure about your English skills, contact me! I’m a native English speaker, so I’ll help you make it sound great!


Jason Jason
I am Jason from Channel-Ai. First of all, thanks the founder eyn by spending so much effort to set up this blog. I listen to all kinds of J-Pop and J-Rock, check out the articles I wrote about those unknown artists. If you’re interest to write some articles for our blog but don’t know how to start, I will give you some tutorials. I do write some articles too, hope you guys enjoy our blog!


Leanne Leanne
Hi Readers!! ^^/ *wave* I am not the founder of anything. I do not have a website. I do not make icons. My skillz on computer is limited. I am a member of Channel Ai who also writes for the blog. It’s fun. The other bloggers are awesome and fun to chat with. I like writing articles for the blog. I hope you enjoy reading them. G’bye!! *wave* \^^


Lainay Lainay
Hi there, people reading this! My name is Lainay, but feel free to call me Laina, or even Reina if needed! I am a writer here at the Channel-Ai Blog a.k.a. McBlog! Most of my articles are of the Hello! Project, to spread the love (and, unfortunately, hate T.T) of the H!P to other all over the world! I hope you enjoy what you see!


Lesca Lesca
Hi to whoever’s bothering to read this. I’m Li Lian, better known as Lesca to you all. I’m a writer here at Channel-Ai Blog, where I specialise in writing about Johnny’s Entertainment. Yes, sue me, I like my Japanese boy idols, okay? So if you want to know more about the mystical evil realm of JE music, read my reviews ^___^!


Tia-Kun Tia-Kun
Hi I’m Chris, I hate people calling me by my real name so just call me Tia, everyone else does. I’ll be writing articles on Aya Ueto, Younha, YUI, various Hello! Project groups, some Dorama and anything that tickles my fancy. I hope to update with stuff as much as possible, so please give me your guidance ^^


Kikaru Kikaru
Hello! I go by Kikaru and I’m from sunny California. This blog has introduced me to some great artists and people. My articles will probably revolve around Gackt and Ayumi Hamasaki. My grammar sometimes isn’t perfect and I know I don’t organize my thoughts that well. So criticisms are welcome because I would love to imrove my writing skills. Thanks and enjoy.


Tomba Tomba
Hello everyone :) What you should know first, is that when I have world domination, this blog will become the official “survivor’s club”. We bloggers will control the world, and YOU will do all our work. (I am not joking.) So read this blog, know everything about us, and plan your revolution now.


yukino yukino
Hello, my name is yukino and I’m currently fifteen years old. I joined the blog team because I love writing and I wanted to give my favorite artists a bit more exposure. Judging by the blog’s growing readership, I made the right decision! Anyways, since the main reason for my joining was the desire to bring less well-known artists into the public eye, I plan to avoid writing about super popular singers such as BoA or Ayumi, and instead focus on underdog artists such as CLAZZIQUAI, the TRAX, and Asami Izawa. I will also be writing quite a few articles on Korean groups and singers at the request of eyn. If this sounds interesting to you, please give my articles a try, and of course, comment on them. Thank you!


Celsius005 Celsius005
Greetings, I’m Celsius005. The number, 005, is indeed part of my name, but please feel free to call me Celsius or any amalgamation of… Degree5CBoy. Anyway, I hope to enlighten you all with my various articles, some of which will be focusing on the ever-present popular group, SMAP! I will also focus on songs that have been used in videogames, so stay tuned for those as well. Nifty organization we have here, eh? Do you feel its transcendence… its rapture?


Rokit Rokit
I am Rokit (R-aw-kit), a member of Channel-Ai for over a year and possibly a known news reporter for other sites….sometimes. Writing became a habit after I started my own fansite for Nami Tamaki and I need to master writing since it will help me with being a film director/writer/etc… I am currently attending College-on my second year and hopefully ready to finish and transfer by the end of the year.


Amichan Amichan
My name is Aimee, and I’m a writer at this blog. I will mostly be writing CD or drama reviews, and I’ll listen to almost anything that’s catchy and well made, though I especially love BoA, NEWS, Kanjani8, and the Clazziquai Project. I hope you enjoy reading my articles!

Retired Writer:

spyro Spyro
Hello, Spyro dess! I am a good but hopeless big boy from Europe XD. I love Channel-Ai, it’s a great forum. I like writing articles about things since for me thoughts flow very easily in English. Too bad though that sometimes I don’t organize my time properly to write for the blog, or somebody else has already taken the interesting topic I’d want to write about lol. Anyhoo enjoy this cool j-pop blog project of our McBoss eyn.. ^^

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